Cubicure offers high performance polymers for the additive manufacturing of polymer parts for industrial applications. Those highly viscous resins are especially developed and optimized for the processing in the Hot Lithography technology.
Cubicure photopolymers excel in high strength, impact resistance and good thermal properties.

The performance material for your product development
This versatile all-round material offers the perfect combination of material properties and can be processed with the highest precision.

The precision material for micro fabrication
The precision material for micro fabrication! This material especially developed for the manufacturing of small parts, persuades in excellent material properties at the highest possible precision.

The first ever flame-retardant photopolymer for SLA with UL94 V0-classification
The first UL94 V0-classified photopolymer! For the first time, this flame-retardant material system opens new fields of application in additive manufacturing, capable of meeting highest demands on fire behavior and adding best-in-class manufacturing precision.

The heat resistant material for temperatures up to 300°C
A revolutionary high temperature material for various new applications! The polymer for hot challenges - with great mechanical stiffness, good flame resistance and exceptional high heat deflection temperature.